Enrichment programs

  • The Elifelet non-profit organization


    The activity center, run by Elifelet, is a safe place built for the children of south Tel Aviv, who can come during the afternoon hours. The children gather at the center where they receive a hot and nutritious meal. They hang out and learn with volunteers and enjoy participating in a variety of activities and programs. They can all develop, expand their horizons, express themselves and learn new skills.


  • Hug Program - The Tennis and Education Centers in Israel


    This is a program that empowers at-risk children and youth through tennis and by integrating sports and educational activities. It educates them to become disciplined, imbuing them with self-confidence and life skills that will help them grow into responsible and independent adults. 

    I participate in the activity of the Orenstein Project for the children in Jaffa. I cook for the children, prepare things for them and seat down to eat with them. Slowly but surely, the number of kids has risen. There are days when we don't even recognize the kids, they just keep coming and it's heartwarming"

    Shir, a volunteer who cooks at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tennis Center.


  • Halamit Club


    The Halamit Club, located in the Amidar neighborhood in the city of Bat Yam, holds activities for adults and children for Israeli immigrants from Ethiopia. The Orenstein project provides food products used to prepare healthy meals as part of the club's activities.

    The adult activity takes place in the morning as part of lectures on various topics with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, and various topics related to the Israeli experience and local cuisine, as well as enrichment classes on general topics.

    At the end of the activity, the adults gather for a joint meal consisting of healthy and nutritious products.

    In a small garden next to the club, various edible plants are grown, some edible plants originating in Ethiopia and some plants typical of Israel, which they learned to recognize as part of their studies on food.

    In the afternoon, the children gather at the club, prepare homework and participate in various enrichment activities and a healthy and nutritious dinner.

  • The Ally runners athletics project


    The athletic club is a non-profit professional club that was established as a social project aimed at empowering teenagers from disadvantaged neighborhoods through professional light athletics activities. Boys and girls, aged 10-18, train through this club. The youth win medals and reach international achievements and represent Israel in international competitions.

  • Theater for the Advancement of At-Risk Youth in Jaffa


    In a theater center in Jaffa, young adults participate in creating social theater, in an experience involving acting, production, sound and lighting, makeup, set design and costume design.

    The goal of this activity is, among other things, to create an intercultural dialog through the lens and experiences of young people, as Jews, Muslims, children of immigrants or children of foreign workers, through theater.

    "The first thing the kids do when they come is sit and eat. It isn't just the emphasis on the fine arts that empowers these students and helps them develop a passion for life. This place also has a therapeutic side, that refers participants to the right professionals, and there is also the food provided here, which gives them physical strength – the strength to stay creative."

    Gal Horowitz, Artistic Director of the Voice of Youth Jaffa non-profit organization.

    Before there was food here, each of us hung out in their own crowd. Now that there's food, all on one table, everyone eats together, and while doing that, they also talk to each other, and this creates more bonding"

    Nur, student.

  • Youth clubs


    Our youth clubs in the cities of Bat-Yam and Or Yehuda run educational and social programming, such as preparation for army service, music and theater classes, cooking classes, study spaces, tutoring, legal advice and more. These youngsters prepare dinners from the products we supply. The dinners have become an inseparable part of their experience at these clubs.

    The idea of bringing food to this place, making it into a type of home for these kids, is fantastic. There's always something to eat at the youth club. We eat together, like a family".

    Mary, 11th grade student.

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