Pre-military programs

  • Erez - Or Yehuda


    This is a pre-military academy preparing participants for military service and providing leadership training. It is jointly run by the Jewish Agency and Tzima’on organization. Participants in this program develop their leadership skills and social awareness while completing their educational program. The goal of this academy is to help its participants acquire tools for success and develop personal responsibility, leadership skills, and a sense of self-efficacy.

  • Asher Ru'ach Bo - Mitzpe Ramon


    Pre-military program (“Mechina”) for youth at risk in Israel's social and economic fringe population. The Mechina located in Mitzpe Ramon, provides an educational, ethical and Zionist framework for youngsters whose goals are to change the course of their lives. The Mechina accomplishes this change by paving the way for a meaningful military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and turns these youngsters into upright citizens.

  • Migdalor (The Lighthouse) - Beit Berl


    The Lighthouse Academy is a pre-military academy that aspires to reduce the gaps in Israeli society by strengthening their students' sense of belonging to the State of Israel and Israeli society. The pre-service Military Academy strengthens its students by imbuing and developing within them a sense of responsibility, values-based leadership and social activism within the framework of a comprehensive academic program focusing on the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, and through collaborative activities in the field and at sea that empower them to overcome challenges individually and as a group. The naval dimension provides a central and unique platform for the personal and collective growth of the students.

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