Educational programs

  • Muzot (Muses)


    A high school of the arts located in Jaffa that provides opportunities to youth who had dropped out of other schools due to personal crises and dangerous environments and wish to study the fine arts as they prepare for their matriculation exams. Muzot gives them an opportunity to create and study, allowing them to express their personal and creative abilities.

  • Branco Weiss Schools for At-Risk Youth


    These schools provide a solution for at-risk youth through unique schools designed for students in grades 9-12 who have struggled in other frameworks. The Branco Weiss Schools for At-Risk Youth are a warm and supportive framework for students that help them make achievements while providing a customized solution that addresses their special needs and their personal and educational difficulties.

    I'm happy that there is a hot lunch option For children in this school. It allows the staff to sit with the pupils and have a meal together. When they share a meal with the staff, it breaks the ice, and the conversations they have are always unique"

    Eitan Bar-Lev, Principal of the Branco Weiss Bat-Yam High School.

  • After-school Tutoring Programs in Bat Yam


    The goal of the program is to support and tutor at-risk primary school children through classes and extra-curricular activities and give each child an equal chance at success. The program gives the children a learning environment where they receive a hot lunch and work with mentors who support them scholastically. 

    The programs take place immediately after the school day ends, at seven schools in the city.

    "Thanks to our collaboration with the Orenstein Project, we managed to create an afternoon tutoring program, which provides a hot lunch as well as help with homework and social activities." 

    Shani Elbaz, Director of an after-school tutoring program.

    Partners: Insights in Education, The North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry

  • Abu Gida - After-school Tutoring Programs in Tel Aviv


    The Abu Gida School is an informal school, in Tel Aviv, for the children of refugee-seekers from Eritrea in grades 1-6. T. Children come to the school directly from the public schools. The goal of this program is to strengthen and boost the achievements of these pupils, who are struggling in the standard school system, and to serve as a supportive framework that will prevent them from wandering aimlessly in the streets.

  • Special education elementary school "Shahar"


    This is a special education school for schoolchildren in grades 1-6, in the city of Bat Yam.

    The pupils at this school had dropped out of regular schools and are dealing with emotional and behavioral difficulties. This school takes steps designed to let these pupils re-integrate into regular schools in their places of residence. The pupils study in classes with up to ten children per classroom and are supported by two or three teachers and faculty members.

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