Elderly and Holocaust Survivors

  • Meals at Your Doorstep


    Every week, we deliver hot meals to the homes of Holocaust survivors, the elderly, the disabled and the housebound.  Our collaboration with municipality welfare departments allows us to provide comprehensive and personalized support tailored to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of the elderly, extends the municipalities' involvement in the lives of elderly residents, and causes those municipalities to take greater responsibility for them.

    These programs are conducted in Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv and Bat-Yam. 

    "You do one good thing for one day, and you also realize that you've done something good for yourself and for others."

    David, volunteer and student.

  • A Cooking Community


    Community assistance given to the elderly and people living alone, who are unable to cook for themselves.

    Partnering with the municipality's welfare department, community volunteers, both men and women, cook hot meals for the needy, providing them with these meals, which are delivered to their doorstep every week. This activity unifies the community and strengthens mutual accountability.

    "For me, it's the easiest thing, the simplest thing – to cook a little. The fact that the organization supplies us with ingredients lets us get a lot accomplished."

    Re’aya, a Cooking Community volunteer.

  • Food Baskets


    Nutritious and healthy food baskets are distributed through the assistance of volunteers from around the country.

    In partnership with other organizations, we fulfill our social responsibility to care for the welfare of the elderly and Holocaust survivors, who deserve to live the rest of their lives with dignity and have all of their needs met. As part of this collaboration, and in order to improve their living conditions, the elderly receive medical care and support from social workers, participate in special events, have their homes remodeled, and more.

    Partners: The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims, The Jaffa Institute, Latet

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